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about me

Hi, I'm Cheryl! I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit about me.


I'm currently a Sr. Product Design Manager at VMware. A few years ago I was presented with the opportunity to dive into design management, and I took it! I'm now leading design and strategy for 3 public cloud teams - Aria Cost by CloudHealth, Secure Clouds, and Guardrails. It's a roller coaster ride and I love every minute of it! I've also been designing for over a decade and specializing in UX/UI, design systems, user research, etc.


A big part of what I love about managing design teams is helping designers to reach their full potential. Outside of VMware, I also mentor rising UX designers as part of an academy program with an organization called Designlab. To learn more, please see below or get in touch - I would love to hear from you!

Recent Certifications: NN/g UX Certified (UXC) in UX Management, AWS Cloud Practitioner, Certified Scrum Master, VMware A11y Advocate, CloudHealth Platform Administrator

Fun fact: In 2020 I wrote and self-published a children's book on Amazon!


ux management

I'm currently leading an extremely talented team of 6 UX designers, 3 doc writers, and 1 developer at VMware. We are on a mission to radically simplify cloud management by building intuitive enterprise experiences. I work highly collaboratively with product management and engineering to ensure our team can deliver customer outcomes that achieve business results.

I'm planning UX roadmaps, defining milestones, assessing risks, leading scrum activities, and ensuring projects meet deadlines. 

ux design

I've been in Lead Product Design roles on fast pace agile teams for many years, specializing in SaaS. Most recently I led Optimization UX for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud for the CloudHealth product platform. This included strategy and designing from concept through delivery for experiences that empower users to optimize their infrastructure across public clouds. I'm proficient with rapid prototyping, conducting competitive analysis, user research, end-to-end journey mapping, and user testing. 


Projects Include: AWS/Azure/GCP Optimization, Kubernetes Optimization, AWS Savings Automation, Persona Creation, Reservation Management, Data Center Migration, CloudHealth Platform Strategy, and iOS apps


Cheryl and I worked together on multiple projects during my time as a Director Products at CloudHealth. I’ve witnessed her pickup complex projects and quickly translate them into innovative end-to-end user experiences with ease. Cheryl has a great personality with natural leadership skills, so it came as no surprise that she was promoted to a managerial role at VMware. I would highly recommend her to any company.

Samir Mehra
Product Leader, AWS

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